Do You Have Network Marketing Posture?

Published: 06th June 2008
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Alright so what the heck do I mean by posture? Is it sitting up straight Westly? Well that has a little bit to do with it.

What posture really means is how you come across on the phone. Having posture is basically having control. You are in control of the conversation at all times. And how do you keep control of the conversation you ask? Great question!

Well it's really simple; the one who is asking the questions is the one in control.

Think of it like a movie where a guy is getting interrogated by some cops.

Who is in control? Well definitely the cops because they are asking the questions, while the innocent man is sitting there basically being dominated.

However, don't be as questioning as a cop.

You should ask a few questions to get the prospect talking then limit your words.

Let the prospect fill the awkward silence. Joe Schroeder once said, "The one who speaks the most, knows the least." This is very true when talking to a prospect.

Think about Donald Trump in the board room, is he speaking all the time? Exactly, he sits while all the ones under him yap yap yap.

The prospect is the one who requested info from you, they should feel privileged to speak with you.

Posture may be more difficult for some because you have to truly believe that you are a leader. That you will be successful without the person on the other end of the phone. This doesn't mean that you should be rude!! There is a very important line between confidence and being rude.

Posture is knowing that the person on the other end has to qualify for YOUR time not the other way around, very important. I don't care if this person is a CEO of some fortune 500 company, (s)he still has to qualify for your time.

Here is a quick example of a first call with posture:

Prospect Joe: So is this another one of those MLMs or something?

You: Well Joe that is a great question but right now isn't the time for it. This is simply an interview and I'm qualifying you for my time. So we can keep going with the interview or just end it right now. Which would you prefer?

If he is a serious prospect he will say, sorry go ahead. Now what happened there is that I kept the control of the call on my side. This is vitally important for two reasons. One is that it puts you into a position of a leader, you are serious and you mean business. People follow leaders, end of story.

Second, it also positions you as the expert on the topic. People always seek out experts in their fields. Why do people go to doctors when their very sick?

People don't join your business because of your product or comp plan. They join YOU and they join because they feel YOU could lead them to their goals.

Here are some ideas to get you in the right posture.

For one, stand up when you're on the phone. This instantly changes your attitude. Another would be to put on some nice clothes and shoes while prospecting. You would be amazed at what this really does for your confidence.

Talk a little faster and a little louder. This doesn't mean scream into the headset, just a little louder than normal.

As soon as the call starts you are taking away from the prospect. This basically just means that you are trying to find a reason not to sponsor them! This sounds a little weird, but in the end it will pay dividends.


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