The Most Important Motorcycle Safety Gear

Published: 04th November 2009
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If you own a motorcycle or are considering buying a motorcycle, you should know the importance of wearing motorcycle safety gear when riding your bike. Riding motorcycles can be very dangerous if you don't take the right precautions, or even if you do, you can end up in an accident. So it is always best to be prepared. You may be the most experienced rider in the world, but you can't account for what the other drivers around you are going to do. Even if you are riding on a back country road where no other cars will be seen for miles, you still can't predict the road conditions, such as gravely roads. You never know when an animal might run across the road, or if the pavement will become uneven at some point.

Helmets and headgear are the most important piece of motorcycle safety gear that should be worn when riding a motorcycle. If your head is protected, you have a good chance of surviving in the unfortunate case of an accident. Helmets have proven to be 37 percent effective in preventing crash fatalities and preventing paralysis. In a motorcycle crash, the head and neck are the most vulnerable parts of the body, that are susceptible to injury if you land wrong after falling off a bike. Helmets have to meet certain standards to pass inspection by the government. In some states within the United States, wearing a helmet is not mandatory. The rider has a choice if they want to wear a helmet when riding. But other states have made it a requirement due to so many motorcyclist being injured when a helmet could have helped reduce the damage caused in an accident. If you care about yourself and your loved ones, you will choose to wear this life saving piece of equipment.

After the head, the arms and legs are the second most vulnerable body parts when a crash takes place and can cause road rash. Jackets and pants should be worn that have durable material that will minimize road rash if the bike is laid down and you end up sliding across the pavement. It is important not to wear baggy pants that can get tangled in the foot pegs or starter. Jackets should be made of leather or some other highly durable synthetic material. It is also a good idea to wear clothing with reflective material so that other drivers can see you when there is low visibility.

There is a large amount of protective clothing available for when you are riding your motorcycle. You need to protect yourself and should wear all of the recommended protective gear. You should also consider adding motorcycle safety gear to your bike as well. Reflective tape can be put on your bike so that you are easily seen by other drivers. If you are riding in an area that is highly populated with deer, a deer whistle may just save your life. All of these additions will also help lower your motorcycle insurance cost.


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